R&D Support

At emendo, we only hire the best academic people in emendo and they all possess unique competencies. Over the years, a number of our pharmaceutical customers have asked us to support R&D activities. It is something we do with pleasure because it provides us with a challenge to show what we can do.

Plasma is generated by an electromagnetical discharge in a gas at low pressure

Plasma is generated by an electromagnetical discharge in a gas at low pressure

R&D Support – Making the impossible possible

One of our pharmaceutical customers faced a particle problem on a new medical device. After struggling with the problem for months, emendo was asked to develop plan B for elimination of the problem. As plan A was the obvious solution, we really needed to think out of the box for plan B. After a few weeks of brainstorm and technology search, experiments were launched using plasma gas technology. Several experiments were done at supplier sites in EU. Finally, equipment and parameters were selected for proof-of-concept. Plan B was successfully identified as well as cost and time for implementation.

R&D Support – Process robustness initiatives

Years before Quality-by-Design became a standard in drug development, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, QA in Germany asked emendo to combine mapping tools, problem solving and FMEA into a Process Robustness Handbook to be used at their manufacturing sites. Purpose of the methodology is to understand and eliminate process variation. emendo has applied the methodology on several processes in different companies, to eliminate Out-Of-Spec and boost yield – Every time with success. Key in the process is involvement of all relevant stakeholders as well as a well-defined standard approach. Projects can typically be completed in a few days or weeks.


R&D Support – Speed up time to market

In cooperation with Novo Nordisk, Ferring Pharmaceuticals and B&O Medicom, emendo developed a new toolbox for Lean in R&D in 2009. Time and resource waste types unique for R&D were identified and a complete set of training materials and training games were developed. Over the years many trainings and workshops have demonstrated the effect. And most important, it is all done by empowering the R&D staff with knowledge without insulting their intellect and focus on innovation.

Projects typically range from Time-to-market strategies, to facilitation of workshops in R&D.