Management Consulting – Growth scenarios

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“A business is only worth something if someone wants to buy it.” – On several occasions, emendo has been asked to develop a strategic plan to prepare a company for a better future or a shift in ownership. Our approach is fact based and our team consists of consultants with commercial, financial and technical backgrounds. During the “Observe” phase, we apply our high-performance check list which is a large number of company aspects, we evaluate and compare to our experience of operational excellence. We conclude the “Observe” phase with a wall of facts and continue to the “Think” phase where the customer’s employees are invited to support the analysis and prioritisation of how to design the best possible strategy. In the “Improve” phase, we design the implementation method and typically follow-up in the following years.

Management Consulting – The Gold Plan

A major food company suffered seven years of deficit and emendo was entrusted with the task to support the turnaround. The company management implemented our ideas by the speed of light and within a year they made profit. In the following years, profit grew and the owners decided that it was the right time to cash-in so emendo was contracted to develop the Gold Plan, a plan which would continue the successful growth journey. Once the Gold Plan was approved, the company started executing the actions and a few months later the company was sold. The happy ending of this case is that the new owners asked emendo to refresh and accelerate the strategy 12 months later.

Lean Leadership

A good leader can run the daily business; a fantastic lean leader can also improve it!
emendo can provide the transformation of leaders by helping leaders understand how Lean Leadership can be applied in their daily jobs. We are able to demonstrate, train and install Lean Leadership as we have hands-on experience in coaching at all levels of leadership in the organisation.
So far, we have obtained good results in supporting the following companies in their Lean Leadership journeys: Ferring Pharmaceuticals, DONG Energy, Bisca, Haldor Topsøe, LEO Pharma, PolyPeptide Laboratories and Royal Unibrew.

Lean Leadership – Boost business results

A transformation of leaders into Lean leaders can be stimulated by motivation and training. In emendo, we have developed and applied a framework for the transformation, consisting of: 

  • Detailed standard tasks/behaviour for four levels of management
  •  Eight Lean Leadership principles
  •  Methods for Lean Leadership implementation and follow-up
  •  Lean Leadership case stories
  •  On site Lean Leadership coaching to sustain results

To make Lean Leadership stick, follow-up programmes are implemented either as coaching or by Lean Leadership assessment. 80% of your managers will successfully manage the Lean Leadership transformation.

Our services range from seminar presentations to yearlong implementation journeys.