RAMp Up project - FDV has doubled production capacity

What is the Ramp Up project about?

The Ramp up project is initiated to ensure increased output and sustainability in flow of products in FDV. Implementation of a visual production planning system on shop floor and performance boards improved communication between the Production and Technical Departments and led to quick and systematic problem solving.

Performance Management Loop

During the project, the time between batches was reduced with 76%, which made it possible to increase number of batches produced pr. week.
The impressive result could not have been carried out without the great team of operators and technical experts who supported the project from the very beginning.

I was met by a group of highly committed operators who were eager to improve and support new initiative to increase production output. They came up with a lot of suggestions for improvements and were always willing to challenge and make new initiatives even better. The positive mindset and team spirit continued throughout the project was transferred to all the newcomers during the manning up from 31 to 42 employees.
— Peter Spliid Skovhus, Vice President at emendo
It motivates me when we improve something in the process and in FDV we can all suggest better improvements which are taken seriously and prioritised. For example, I was part of implementing a standard for how to formulate vancomycin using China API. Another improvement that we came up with was implementation of individual training for operators. Previously, it was something that the team leaders were responsible for but now we have taken over the task and trained operators to conduct the examination of less trained operators based on GMP questionnaires.
— Carsten Osterberg, Operator in FDV
I am working to optimise the processes in order to make sure that we are producing 24/7, it is what drives me every day. The planning board is a good tool to facilitate a dynamic work environment and helps us to have an overview of which tasks need to be done now and tomorrow.
— Susanne Andersen, Operator in FDV
I am extremely impressed with what the organisation has achieved so far. The commitment and the engagement of all colleagues involved in the ramp up are truly amazing and I also believe that we now have the foundation for the road ahead.
— Niels Lynge Agerbæk, Director FDV Operations