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With a logical and user-oriented approach to implementation, emendo Implementation are found in the gap between people, processes and systems.




What we do


Organisational Change Management

Solution Integration Management

Validation Management

Project Management &
Programme Support

Central & Local Roll-Out Management

Implementation Partner



Approach to Implementation

We have seen that good stories are created when the gap between people, systems and processes is bridged. From years of experience within large implementation projects, we have gained the ability to identify and challenge solutions with a firm outset in the organisational needs and value adding processes.

We work with technical as well as organisational challenges to ensure that the benefits of the implementation project are met.

We acknowledge that building great systems and working in complex processes often requires different skill sets and are handled by different people with two different focuses. We work with both to ensure that solutions as well as requirements are clear and processes, systems and people are all aligned to create the good stories for all aspects of the solution.


emendo Implementation team


emendo Implementation, Sundkaj 153 2., 2150 Nordhavn, Denmark
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We are proud members of emendo Consulting Group