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emendo Improvement empowers organizations within operational excellence. With the Lean Six Sigma methodology as our backbone and data-based solutions, we prepare businesses for the digital era.


Transform business
Transform businesses
Improve operations
Improve operations
Develop strategies
Develop strategies
Optimize processes
Optimize processes
Coach leaders
Coach leaders
Solve problems
Solve problems
Build competences
Build competencies
Enable digitalization
Enable digitalization


What we do


Need to transform your business to fit the future?

• Business and lean assessments
• Lean transformation programs
• Digital transformations
• KATA transformations

We assess your company’s maturity level and use our toolbox to define and perform a transformation in close collaboration with your organisation.


Need to ramp up your production?

• Capacity analysis
• Bottleneck identification and elimination
• Performance Management
• Streamlining of administrative processes
• Creating flow and improving planning

We use our analytical approach and practical tool set to identify your capacity needs. On the base of our experience and business understanding, we develop and customize solutions.


Need to change your strategy?

• Digitalization strategy
• Strategic business development
• Organization build-up and improvement
• Business turnaround

We utilize our organizational frameworks and broad business experience to develop or improve business strategies and set up strategic goals.


Process optimization

• Basic variation reduction techniques
• Six Sigma/DMAIC improvements
• Process output simulation
• Data analysis
• Design of Experiments

We use data as our backbone to determine and decrease defects. We reduce variation in both production and planning processes to improve stability.


Need to couple daily decisions with long term impact?

• Project and management coaching
• Lean Leadership coaching
• Strategic coaching

We combine our management and strategic experience from various industries, to guide you in your daily decision making and in your strategy development.


Need to solve a problem in only three days?

• Kaizen Blitz workshop
• Process mapping and waste identification
• Systematic Problem Solving (A3)
• Simple Problem Solving (3C)

Changes does not always have to take a long time and include comprehensive implementation plans. We are able to make quantifiable changes in only three days.


Need to increase the competencies within your organization?

• Lean Basic training
• Yellow belt training
• Green belt training
• Black belt training
• Systematic Problem Solving (A3) training
• Lean Leadership seminars

We offer best in class Lean/Six Sigma training to the biggest players within the pharmaceutical industry.


Need to start your digital transformation?

• Digital Assessment
• Data utilization strategy
• Statistical modelling
• Only Customized should start with a capital letter

We deliver and implement a customized road map for your company’s digital transformation.


Good stories


Do you need to ramp up your production line?

We optimized performance with 27% in 8 weeks on a pharmaceutical packing line by combining data analysis and business understanding.
How we made it happen:

  • Setting up and training operators in Blackbird data collection to ensure valid data

  • Identifying and quantifying improvement initiatives based on data analysis

  • Implementing and embedding improvements to ensure lasting line performance increase

  • Reducing Batch Change Over (BCO) time by improving work planning

  • Increasing overall line effectiveness by focusing on production bottlenecks


Do you need to implement visual performance management in your department?

In three months we implemented a performance driven culture across 50 departments. We started by understanding the company’s strategy, culture and maturity to ensure a suitable implementation process and a customized solution.

  • Assessment of current governance structure and the company strategy

  • Identification and setup of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in collaboration with the various departments, units and teams to ensure ownership and understanding

  • Clear link between the strategy and the breakdown of KPIs

  • Tailoring of visual performance board to current maturity level

  • Ensuring lasting use of performance boards by means of daily coaching

Do you need to improve the flow of your Supply Chain?

We have designed and implemented a Supply Chain Planning setup in a pharmaceutical company.
By analysing data and involving stakeholders, we succeeded in:

  • Establishing a common foundation for planning by defining roles and responsibilities split and building a structure for master data in the ERP system

  • Implementing a communication and reporting structure from bottom to top in the organization

  • Designing the future state planning process & principles

Do you need to increase your production capacity?

We doubled the production output of an aseptic production line by reducing time between batches with 76 %. Furthermore, visual management was implemented, and the employees were trained in systematic problem solving.

  • Facilitating gap analysis, competitor overview and market analysis

  • Identifying the bottleneck and set up a planning tool based on the cycle time

  • Applying SMED to reduce BCO time on the bottleneck

  • Implementing visual management to ensure stabilization and focus on further optimization

  • Training of employees in Systematic Problem Solving to ensure continuous improvement


Development in produced batches pr. week (average number)


Do you need quick, but lasting, results?

By combining process understanding, Lean theory and change management, we facilitate intense 3-day Kaizen workshops. Our ambition is to perform actual implementation during the three days and handover realistic and prioritized action plans.

  • Reduced the number of production alarms by 80 %

  • Reduced BCO time with 40 %

  • Implementing visual resource planning

  • Optimizing documentation approval flow

  • Designing a new physical production layout

  • Improved turnover by 5 %


General framework of a Kaizen Blitz


emendo Improvement team


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About emendo Improvement


All of our consultants have technical backgrounds, and a passion for analysing processes, identifying initiatives and implementing optimization solutions to improve processes.

emendo Improvement have conducted improvement projects within several industries with success and are always thriving to find a lasting solution that fits the given company's situation and culture.



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